Friday, March 28, 2008

Breilynn's "hockey" game

Hello again.

Yesterday was a great day. At the school Breilynn goes to it is a tradition to have a hockey game with the 5Th graders versus the teachers. It's alot of fun for the kids. This year the teachers won again. But everyone had a great time. i thought I would post some pictures of that day.
I will post more later.


Rojas Family said...

tammy!! i can't believe how big they are! how are you guys doing? i'm glad i have a blog now, we can keep in touch more often! love you!

bri.brit.dal.& tes said...

hi tammy! i found your blog!! i'm glad that you started one! how is your little family!? tell your girls hi! and check out my blog at.. luv, britni